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Mocean Yacht Charter

The vacation you will remember for a lifetime


Leisurely cruise the San Juan and Gulf Islands were you can make memories that will last a lifetime. Our vessels will carry you and so many more on adventures filled with mountains that erupt out of the ocean, whales teaching their young to hunt, and so much more. View our quality built yachts and see what could be your home away from home.

Managment Services

At mocean we take pride in our quality of care. We also understand the difficulties and comitment of yacht ownership. That is why, we offer managment services. We allow your vessel to work for you, not against you. We will clean, seasonalize, and maintain almost every aspect of your vessel.

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Mocean isn't just a charter company

mOcean was created by two people in search of their true north. We will continue this journey with the help of those that also love the sea. To us it is about getting outside, breathing in the salty air, and enjoying everything the beautiful Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Be the captain of your own cruise, or let us facilitate a captain for you; go and experience the best things that the PNW waters have to offer! The San Juan Islands can be your destination to dissconnect from technology, and to reconnect to those around you. If you are a vessel owner, or you wish to enjoy your time on the water without the full responsibility of ownership, let us help take back ownership of your time. 

A vacation you will all enjoy.

Let the San Juan Islands be the destiny for your next family vacation, and I promise, you will not be disappointed. The calm waters makes island hopping a breeze. By slowing down to 8 knotts cruising speed, not only can you cook and eat while under way, but you are more likely to see the curious marine life. Spot whales, orcas, or seals from the fly bridge. No matter how you wish to spend your time, there is something for you. Between all the islands, there are many of hiking trails, local shops, fishing grounds, kayak spots, and much more.

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