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We are mOcean

We are mOcean yacht charters. Our mission is to facilitate adventure, promote safety on the water and help create memories that will last a lifetime. We are a quant, but capable fleet. Dedicated to bringing ease, and transparency to the yacht chartering industry. mOcean started off as a crazy idea and was brought to life with hard work and dedication.

Both Kyle and Ashley left their day jobs on the shore, and took a leap of faith on a few vessels. Both sundowners are receiving complete interior and exterior work to bring these beautiful vessels back to their former glory. At mOcean we believe in another way of life, waking up before the sun, rolling up our sleeves, and getting our hands dirty.

Please, follow along our journey, and those of our vessels.


Ashley has always had a passion for the expansive outdoors. She grew up camping with her family throughout the Pacific Northwest. Growing up she spent her summers jumping from camp ground to camp ground, the life of sea man ship came easy. For a period of time Ashley worked with Boeing quickly becoming one of her divisions top performers. With a move taking her south to Olympia, she started to work in real estate. Realizing the office life was not for her, she went in search of something more fulfilling, finding herself as a carpenters apprentice. With the invaluable skills learned, she could take on anything. She set her sights higher and found herself building mOcean Yacht Charters and two unique sundowner 30s.
Ashley takes pride in being able to create personalized service for every charter that comes through.
Ashley will help plan every detail to ensure nothing will ruin your dream vacation. With a few quick questions we help make sure your trip is sure to be a seamless success. Contact Ashley today to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch.


Kyle was born and raised working on boats with his dad Ken. By the age of 13 he was rebuilding engines and plotting his own courses around the Puget Sound. At an early age he set his sights on earning his captains license. Now with enough hours logged, a childhood dream is within reach. It was a tricky path getting here, Kyle studied engineering at Oregon State University. In order to pay for college Kyle embraced every opportunity placed in front of him, he bought a house, became a mechanic, learned the construction trade. Eventually he stumbled into underground mining which led to promotions including project manager and Staff Engineer. When the opportunity arose to crawl out from under his rock and return to the boating, Kyle knew he had to take it.

It was with this love of rebuilding, Kyle knew starting the company with taking on two projects was right up his alley. Every day he enjoys the challenge of seeing another project come to life.

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